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Mediquipt PR – Products

Mediquipt PR Medical Equipment Products-Aurion

A multifunctional and revolutionary line of medical trolleys from Italy with innovative design, superior quality and complete accessories. The body of all the carts are made from single manufactured material with handle molded in for increased safety. The carts can be easily wash and disinfect as they are latex free and do not react with diluted acids, alkali and solvents. All around bumper protections are also included to avoid any damage to the personnel, cart and medical devices. All carts are self-extinguishing according to class UL VO.

Mediquipt PR Medical Equipment Products-Famed

Famed produces delivery beds are designed for patients in maternity gynaecology wards, in all stages of childbirth: antenatal period, childbirth,postpartum period. To ensure comfort and safety for patient, the bed can be easily transformed into a delivery chair. The equipment enables examinations and easy operation whilst offering the most convenient delivery position for the patient. A central wheel locking system guarantees easy and stable positioning of the bed and the directional wheel enable easy maneuvering.

Mediquipt PR Medical Equipment Products-Compass

With advanced research and development, Compass healthcare co.,ltd focuses on solutions for providing safe, multifunctional, easy to assemble home care&medical bed. Our extensive OEM production capabilities enable us to provide custom design and manufacturing services to build healthcare products and create made to order appearances for our customers.

Qinlian Medical Appliances Co.,Ltd. is founded in 1985, which is dedicated in developing, manufacturing and marketing various hospital furniture including Hospital Bed, Home Care Bed, Orthopaedics Traction Bed, Stretcher Trolley, Bedside Cabinet, Medicine Trolley, Dressing Trolley, etc.

Mediquipt PR Medical Equipment Products-Dharma

Through the years PT Dharma Polimetal has soundly developed into Dharma Group, a Company with various business affiliates producing quality products such as Special Precision Cutting Tools, Precision Machining Component, Plastic Parts, Electrical Distribution System (Wiring Harness, Battery Cables & Parking Sensor) & Cable Control. Having various experienced in its business since 1989, now PT Dharma Polimetal is ready to give the Best Contribution as its motto “Exist to Contribute.”


Dharma provides various wheel chairs, hospital and operational beds alongside numerous other medical equipment that are ISO standard certified.

pic-Mediquipt PR Medical Equipment Products-Sturdy

From the establishment in 1992, Sturdy has been dedicated to bring our clients the most advanced products. Sturdy is a member of Apex group. With the mission to be your reliable sterilization partner, Sturdy isn’t only committed to the development of progressive technology, but also possesses all the requisite certifications. ISO 13485, CE certificates and Taiwan GMP are for quality management control approval and guarantee the safety of our products.


PR series electrical examination beds are general-use beds made from high quality material with guaranteed durability. They are to be used with general patients or minor surgeries. The beds operate via electricity with easily adjustable heights and separate control for the head. Depending on your specifications, we have various sizes and styles to match your need.