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PEO Group-Industrial Laundry Equipments-Unimac

We know how seriously you take your business. That’s why we’re just as passionate about ours. UniMac® is the world’s leading manufacturer of on-premises laundry equipment. We build our products for durable performance that exceeds the demands of the commercial market. We introduce innovations aimed specifically at reducing your costs and maximizing your throughput. Our products, built to provide laundry solutions to industries of all types and sizes, are backed by the industry’s largest.

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We are the world’s largest commercial laundry company, with an undeniable history of proven performance and reliability. Laundry owners rely on the practical ingenuity of features designed to make their lives simpler and more productive. Our commercial-grade construction is rugged, dependable and built to last.

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Huebsch commercial laundry equipment is renowned for industry-leading durability, performance and efficiency. We begin with the toughest, most rugged materials used in the industry. Those materials are then expertly crafted into virtually unbreakable laundry workhorses at our world-class facility in Ripon, Wisconsin. They’re infused with the most advanced innovations in the business.


Then, before they leave the factory, they’re pushed to the limit in our state-of-the-art test lab, where they’re faced with challenges far exceeding those in the typical laundry environment to ensure years of optimal, worry-free performance. Finally, we back our products with an industry-leading warranty and global support network of true laundry experts.

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Danube: With sixty years of history and experience all the personnel of DANUBE,
We are now leader in the global supply of professional laundry equipment to:

  • On premises laundries, (hotels and health care organizations)
  • Coin-operated laundries
  • Clean-rooms (pharmaceutical, medical, micro-electronic, cosmetic, nuclear and food industries)
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At Braun, we consistently build equipment that is simple to use, reliable, and designed to improve operational efficiency and yield bottom line results.In recent years, we have invested more in research and development than any time in our 70-year history. We have expanded and enhanced our core product lines and will continue to launch new innovations. We are proud of our rich history and unparalleled customer support.


Braun laundry equipment is used worldwide; in hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, commercial and industrial laundries, and in government and correctionalfacilities.

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The aim of the JENSEN-GROUP is to assist heavy-duty laundries worldwide to provide quality textile services economically. We have become the preferred supplier in the laundry industry by leveraging our broad laundry expertise to design and supply sustainable single machines, systems and integrated solutions. We are continuously growing by extending our offer and by developing environmental friendly and innovative products and services that address specific customer needs.


Through technical excellence, strong investment in product development and specialized industry knowledge, the JENSEN-GROUP is able to plan, develop, manufacture, install and service everything from single machines and processing lines to complete turn-key solutions. Our partners include textile rental suppliers, industrial laundries, central laundries as well as hospital and hotel on-premise laundries. We believe that you know your laundry better than anybody else and with the help of the JENSEN-GROUP’s comprehensive laundry competence and experience we will be able to find the right solution.

pict-PEO Group-Industrial Laundry Equipments-Chicago

For more than 100 years, Chicago has been the leader in innovative flatwork finishing equipment. Our customers’ laundry systems process hundreds of millions of pounds of laundry every day. From high-end resorts to the most powerful commercial laundries in the industry, the world’s leading organizations turn to Chicago. We are family-owned and operated, designing and manufacturing flatwork finishing equipment right here in the U.S.A.

PEO Group-Industrial Laundry Equipments-Union

Union S.p.A is the largest manufacturer of textile drycleaning equipment for use with perchloroethylene and all Class III-A solvents (Hydrocarbon, GreenEarth™, and other alternative solvents). The machine sizes range from 35 lbs. to 165 lbs. Also available are various filter configurations, cleaning and drying modules, tandem units, and reclaimers.

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Trevil designs and manufactures professional ironing equipment and electric steam generators for industrial use.The Trevil ironing systems are present in the laundering industry (retail drycleaners, industrial laundries and institutional laundries) and in the garment industry (clothing manufacturers, clothing store chains, reconditioning systems).


The Trevil products are technologically innovative, with exceptional quality and exceed the highest European standards.

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As demand for creative solutions to complex heat transfer applications grows, Fulton has excelled in the design and fabrication of customized skid system solutions. With over three decades of experience in designing and building skid systems, Fulton has become a single source manufacturer for custom pre-piped heat transfer equipment and accessories.


Fulton has expanded our engineered systems capability to include portable boiler rooms. This allows us to put virtually any size steam or hot water system into a weather-tight enclosure. Our applications and engineering staff is available to offer engineering assistance, discuss ideas and answer questions for your specific process requirements.