PEO Group | Profile & History
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PEO Group – Profile

Since the establishment of the company in 1990, PEO Group’s sole focus has been quality and efficiency.It is our belief that only through selling quality products that we will truly be helping our customers succeed in their endeavors We began by selling industrial laundry system to garment factories, but have since expanded our scope to cover all aspects of the laundry business, including garment finishing and ironing, both sales and services. Our current customers ranged from hospitals, hotels, laundry shops, all the way to household. By remaining steadfast to our focus on quality and efficiency, we have maintained our leadership position in this growing market for over 2 decades. We have worked with many well-known clients as well as high profile suppliers from all around the world, fostering trust and international reputations which allows us to be where we are today.


We acknowledge the growing concern in environmental issues and its link to energy consumption. As the laundry industry plays a big part in the globalenergy crisis, we are always striving to help our customers reduce the energy consumption within their laundry system, both combating the energy crisis and help our customers save energy cost. We seek to help our customers better their businesses in accordance to our motto: “A Better Business for A Better World”. PEO Vietnam Co., Ltd is a branch of PEO Group with headquarters in thriving cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. It is our mission to expand our business and international presence to give more people access to good products while keep providing our customers with the very best form all corners of the world.